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Welcome to Meeanjin Aboriginal Cultural Alliance.

Where do you go to see and experience Aboriginal Arts & Culture in Brisbane? The time has come for the cosmopolitan heart of Queensland, ‘Meeanjin’ (Brisbane CBD), to publicly share and celebrate our rich Murri heritage and culture.

Historically, the first solely First Nation option for visitors to Meeanjin to view, experience, and access our culture and buy arts and crafts was Queensland Aboriginal Creations. QAC was a retail outlet established in 1959 to market Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and craft in Queensland by the then Department of Native Affairs which closed its doors in the late 90s.

The opportunities to engage in Murri (Queensland Aboriginal) peoples and culture have been via the events surrounding significant calendared national events and celebrations for example, NAIDOC Week, Invasion Day, and Sorry Day. A few permanent and rotating exhibits and spaces exist within government arts institutions. Independent entities exist but by majority non-Indigenous ownership and management. However, exciting to see is the growth of Aboriginal own and controlled enterprise in South East Queensland.

A dedicated Aboriginal Cultural Centre located on Maiwar (the Brisbane River), will be a defining feature of significance and a key destination like no other. Queensland has the opportunity to stand out and align itself internationally by doing as renowned cities do and place First Nations history and culture at the fore.

It will inspire creativity, strengthen relationships and celebrate the success of our Murri peoples. It will provide visitors to experience an immersive and stimulating environment that showcases Queensland’s First Nations arts and heritage in a multipurpose gallery/ museum and First Nations gathering space.

The Meeanjin Aboriginal Cultural Alliance (MACA) is dedicated to the advocacy, promotion and development of this centre. At Meeanjin the dreaming of our First Nations peoples will be told by Traditional Owners with bloodlines to Country in Brisbane and throughout South East Queensland (SEQ).

This story – as much about the present and future as it is about the past – deserves to be heard by everyone: locals and visitors alike.


Promoting Aboriginal Arts and Heritage

Our vision is to see the development of an Aboriginal Cultural Centre on a significant and relevant site in Meeanjin (Brisbane). The Meeanjin Aboriginal Cultural Alliance (MACA) also plans to establish a permanent space out of which to operate.

As the only facility of its type an Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Meeanjin will focus on the promotion of Aboriginal arts and heritage and will be a key contributor in SEQ for facilitating much broader public engagement and participation in Aboriginal cultural tourism.

In fulfilling this vision, the following strategic drivers will guide the centre as it develops from a contemporary Aboriginal arts and heritage collection into the First Nations cultural hub of Meeanjin:

Social and cultural enterprise: revenue-generating initiatives relating to Aboriginal arts and culture;

Cultural education: via broad public awareness of Aboriginal culture and heritage;

Employment creation: connecting both direct and indirect employment opportunities for Aboriginal people in the delivery of arts and heritage experiences;

Cultural tourism: a strong focus on showcasing Aboriginal culture through arts and heritage to domestic and international visitors.



Seven Hills Hub – Ron Hurley Theatre

The Wunya Festival was due to be held on Saturday 18th April at the Seven Hills Hub – Ron Hurley Theatre.  Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions we’ve had to postpone the hosting of this event until restrictions are lifted.  At this stage we are unsure of when this event will be hosted but we are considering other options to ensure we can still a vibrant and attractive cultural event that will celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, arts, dance, food and stories.

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Access to the Arts

The primary purpose of the establishment of an Aboriginal Cultural Center in Meeanjin is to provide access to and an essential focal point for the arts, heritage and culture of the First Nations peoples of South East Queensland.


We envisage that a major part of the centre’s floorplan will be largely dedicated to a dynamic mix of live and portable Aboriginal arts and cultural heritage that captures both the spirit of reconciliation and renewed relationships based on understanding and mutual respect. Truthful acknowledgement of the past and the celebration of contemporary achievements will inspire a ‘think tank’ environment where critical ideas relating to language, place, identity and the future can be examined from all angles.


To become a sustainable and commercially viable operation, the Cultural Centre will deliver sequentially on the following objectives:

  • Provide a primary location for the collection, display, preservation and celebration of new Aboriginal arts, performances and existing heritage collections in partnership with key cultural institutions;
  • Drive local, regional and national partnerships that promote both Traditional Owner and wider community participation in arts and heritage, and encourage broader and meaningful community engagement and public participation in Aboriginal cultural tourism;
  • Offer Aboriginal people practical experience in the arts and heritage sector through improved access and networked coordination to industry;
  • Foster economic participation and employment outcomes for Aboriginal peoples;
  • Establish an arts and heritage centre of excellence to represent all First Nations peoples;
  • Inform all visitors of the rich social value of local Aboriginal arts and heritage.

Board Members


Melanie is a Gomeroi woman from Moree in New South Wales. Melanie is currently the national Indigenous Programs and Participation…


Sandra King O.A.M. was born in Brisbane and is a Quandamooka Bundjalung and South Sea Islander woman. In the 1970s,…


Philip is a member of the Queensland Law Society's Company Law Committee as well as a member of the Queensland Regional Council of the Financial Institute of Australasia. He also plays an active role providing strategic direction and guidance as the Vice President of Brisbane Youth Service Inc.


Graham is an associate Director at his workplace of over 16 years, AECOM. He is an experienced civil engineer and…

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The Meeanjin Aboriginal Cultural Alliance has received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through the Arts Queensland Backing Indigenous Arts initiative and from Brisbane City Council.